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  Robert with Victor and Mishka.
Welcome to Robert McDowell's Herbal Treatments for Dogs. This website is dedicated to treating our canine companions and pets with herbs. Our main website which includes herbal treatments for people, horses and other animals is at http://www.herbal-treatments.com.
At this website you will find articles,descriptions of standard herbal mixes for your dog. You can also consult with Robert for free. Are herbs effective in treating dogs? Visit the testimonials page.

   Hair Analysis Diagnostic Program  
When there is an impasse in the treatment of an illness hair analysis is able to give a holistic picture of the person's health. This can make all the difference. Click here to read more..

  Home Remedies

Good Oils For Skin

Sweet Violets

03 September 2005:
Canine - Gum Disease
Equine - Spraying Due To Over Excitement
Human - Menopausal Weight Loss
Home Remedies - Good Oils For Skin

20 August 2005:
Canine - Fatty Benign Tumours
Equine - Retained Afterbirth
Human - Cholesterol
Home Remedies - Sweet Violets

06 August 2005:
Canine- Kidney Infections
Equine- Scours
Human- Shingles
Home Remedies- Aromatherapy

24 June 2005:
Canine- Invertebral Disc Disease
Equine- Lymphangitis-swollen legs
Human- Preparation for birth and Baby
Home remedies- Comfrey Cream

Sir Lancelot
Valiant Sir Lancelot's Digestive Tumor

Chopper's Still Doing Well After a Year with Lymphosarcoma and Herbs

Sasha Doing Well Despite Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Treating cancer in dogs with herbs

Robert has been successfully treating canine cancer with herbs for years now. In many cases herbal remedies have been used along with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy. Herbal Treatments for some of the cancers that have been treated are:
Anal Gland Cancer , Bladder Cancer , Fibrosarcoma Cancer , Hemangiosarcoma Cancer , Liver Cancer ,Lymphoma , Mammary Gland Cancer ,Mast Cell Cancer ,Melanoma/Skin Tumors , Osteosarcoma/ Bone Cancer , Prostate Cancer , Spindle Cell Cancer , Squamous Cell Carcinoma , Transitional Cell Carcinoma

The herbal treatments that are given during chemotherapy and radiotherapy and help to minimize chemotherapy side effects, for less nausea, more energy and a faster recovery:
Chemotherapy Support , Radiotherapy Support

The mainstay of Robert's successful cancer herbal treatments are his use of Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pycnogenol). All the cancer herbal treatments are taken along with this powerful anti-oxidant.Use the link below to read more about Maritime Bark:
What is Maritime Pine Bark ?

The Rise of Canine Cancer:

"There seems to be a cruel parallel between the rise in the incidence of Canine Cancers and the same trend in Human Cancers. Cancer in dogs was pretty rare not so long ago. Now Osteosarcoma and Lymphoma are becoming increasingly commonplace followed closely by others more recently including Fibrosarcoma, Melanoma, Thyroid and Anal Gland Carcinoma"...

Click here to read the whole article: The Rise of Canine Cancers for more information on Understanding Canine Cancer, Healthy Natural Diet For Dogs, Robert's Treatment Approach, Herbal Treatment Prescriptions For Cancer In Dogs.

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Standard Herbal Treatments
Allergic Rhinitis
Anal Gland Cancer Support
Anti-Inflammatory Mix
Arthritis and Rheumatism
Blood Poisoning
Bone Healing, Maturity
Dogs With Healthy Bones
Chemotherapy Support
Cholesterol Stone Mix
Circulation / Blood Quality
Colloidal Silver Antibiotic
Conditioning Mix
Cushing's Disease Support
Demodectic Mange
Ear Infection - Chronic
Ear Infection - Fungal
Epilepsy Mix
Eye Wash
Fertility:- Breeding Bitch
Fertility:- Stud Dog
Fibrosarcoma Cancer Support
Golden Staph Program
Heart Repair Formulation
Heart Tonic
Heart Worm Mix
Incontinence Mix
Kennel Cough Mixture
Kidney Bleeding/Acidosis
Kidney Weakness
Liver Cancer Support
Lymphoma / Cancer Support
Mammary Gland Cancer
Maritime Pine Bark Extract
Mast Cell Cancer
Nervous Rehabilitation Tonic
Osteosarcoma / Bone Cancer
Post Operative Recovery Mix
Prostate Treatment
Puppy Acclimatzation Mix
Radiotherapy Support
Rescue Remedy
Runt Mix
Scouring Mix
Show Dog Tonic
Skin Allergy / Irritation
Skin Healing Cream
Skin Irritant Cream
Skin/Blood Problems
Skin Recovery Spray
Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Throat Infections
Top Performance Mix
Trauma Drops
Travel Mix
Urinary Tract Infection
Uterine Infection Treatment
Worming Mix Preventative
Worming Program Acute

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